Patricia Darcy Laughlin

Author of The Sacrifices And Kingdoms Series

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Sacrifices For Kingdoms

Experience a unique journey filled with romance, passion, controversies and danger. Travel through Prince Michael’s European Old World elegance to Elizabeth’s modern New World of America and exotic Caribbean Islands. Uncover the private lives of Royalty and commoners alike as you become fascinated with their uninhibited lovemaking, and intrigued by their other loves, lives, and lies. Prepare to be shaken by Elizabeth’s “God Has No Gender” equality speech, exposing the ancient barbaric origins of still accepted discriminatory practices in religions worldwide. Buckle up for a fast-paced,  shocking, and enlightening ride, with sharp contrasts between romps of hilarious fun and serious risks taken by all sides, as they struggle to avoid having to endure ‘Sacrifices For Kingdoms.’

Sacrifice for a Kingdom Book Cover

FUN FACT: Sacrifice For A Kingdom, published November 2013, was the prelude to The Sacrifices And Kingdoms Series. Book 1 of the series was published October 2023. Readers MUST read Book 1 to easily follow Books 2 and 3. The prelude, Sacrifice For A Kingdom, is no longer available for purchase and has become a Collector’s Item.

The cover of Sacrifice For A Kingdom was designed and hand-painted by the author.