Quote about eating the roti. Who is this girl suggesting exotic street food the prince had never even heard of? Just the start of the many new pleasures he would share with his new love.

First Kiss

Quote goes here about the first kiss. Prince Michael is so attracted to Elizabeth’s xxxx, he kisses her lips on their first night out together. Her imposing self-chatter says, “No, no, no.” But her dormant desire...


“As a man, I was excited to read what I’d heard about the “Great sex!” in Sacrifice For A Kingdom, but what really shocked me was the expose on origins of present day patriarchal religions, and after discovering in my own research, how they not only destroyed...


“Wow! I Just finished Sacrifice For A Kingdom! I have two problems with it: I can’t wait for the sequel, and, worse, I can’t wait for the MOVIE to be made!”


“Sacrifice For a Kingdom surprised me, I have never read a novel that encompassed great sex and religion’s accountability. I was startled at first, but after absorbing the commonsensical facts, not to mention the fun with the sex, I was totally converted. Making...