Original Poetry

My Friend

My Friend sees me in the morning with a naked face
and still thinks I’m beautiful
My Friend sees me contorted and ugly in sorrow and pain
and still thinks I’m beautiful
My Friend sees me give up at the first sign of strain
and still thinks I’m beautiful
My Friend more beautiful, to me, but sees me acting vain
and still thinks I’m beautiful
My Friend sees me outwardly proud knowing inwardly I’m cowed
and still thinks I’m beautiful
My Friend with less than me, has no envy, only happy, for me,
and there is none more beautiful than
My Friend

P. D’Arcy Laughlin


TIME, not love, is life.
Love is just one of the many things we attain, in TIME.
TIME is the essence of everything.
Yet it has taken me all this TIME to fully realize this simple fact.
All that TIME wasted.
Though some say TIME is never wasted, I can’t be convinced.
To fully utilize life, TIME must be grasped with each moment
made to have meaning. Not easily forgotten, as the TIME passes.
For in TIME, one will look back and see…what?
Not enough perhaps, for one life. One really had a lot of ambition,
never to be achieved now, because of TIME wasted.
There will always be “enough things” for some, so too
there will always be “enough TIME” for none.
TIME does not wait. When the TIME for something arrives,
use it immediately. Do not put it off for another TIME,
because that TIME may never come.
But, the most important thing to remember about TIME is,
whatever you take the TIME to do, take the TIME to enjoy it.

P. D’Arcy Laughlin

Words of Wisdom

You can do nothing about the Past
but learn from it
You can live only in the Present
The Present is better when you
plan for the Future
because the Future will become the Present

P. D’Arcy Laughlin


Though your steps may falter
Persevere with the climb
You will achieve the summit
at the appropriate time.

P. D’Arcy Laughlin

My Wish For You

May the sun always warm and light up your path
May the moon shine love and romance into your heart
May the stars twinkle your dreams into reality
May the winds soar your love into eternity
May your angels protect you alongside your guides
And goodness live forever within your insides.

P. D’Arcy Laughlin

Thane Fatone Malcom was born March 6th 1970, a pisces, sign of the fish. He not only loved the water, he loved speed, music, flight, the outdoors, freedom. He was killed in the back of a friend’s car when it crashed at high speed during a race with other friends. Their last memory of him was seeing his laughing face lit up with excitement and fun. He was 18 years old. This poem was inspired by him after his death, July 1988.

Pisces Thane (1970-1988)

Can you see the speed of my fin
as I swim
with the fish, as I am?
Or catch my wing as I soar and sing,
at the same time that I swam?

Faster! Higher!
Faster! Higher!
Laughter! Louder than ever!

Faster and faster,
higher and higher,
excitement takes hold!
The fire of my soul
burning brighter, but lighter,
as the wind lifts
and propels me upward
and forward
to the heavens that called.

Hark! The wind shifts!
Laughter as I stall
for I know not how to fall
into the limited sea
down there, for up here
the sea is everywhere
for me to be free
to swim, easy and happy, again.
Never in pain,
forever young,
forever immortal,
forever Thane.

P. D’Arcy Laughlin