Author Patricia D'Arcy Laughlin

Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin

I learned at an early age that one learns more by listening than by talking. Living on two British islands, Trinidad and England, and world-traveling from young, definitely broadened my horizons and opened up my mind.

Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin was born in Trinidad of British and French ancestry, educated there, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Due to the stresses of living in what was once a paradise but had, at that time, become crime-ridden, with increasing blatant discrimination, she left Trinidad in 1979 and immigrated to the U.S.A. with her husband, their three children, and her widowed mother (whose nobility ancestors first went to Trinidad during the French Revolution, running from le guillotine).

Though difficult to give up financial security on their oil-rich island and what was in many ways a very privileged lifestyle, her family felt it more important to be able to have the freedom to go almost anywhere safely, and to know that Emergency Help would come when needed. She misses family and friends who have stayed, and the natural beauty of her precious birth-land, but has been richly blessed with American family and friends, including many from Trinidad who also immigrated, and the abundant natural beauty through which she can roam quite safely, of her beloved adopted homeland.

A world traveler and award-winning artist, renowned for developing her ‘Unique Stainings On Wood’ in 1965, she has exhibited internationally successfully, winning ‘The Prize of Excellence’ at Tonneins Museum in France, out of 52 countries competing. Although she has composed songs and poetry (unpublished), Sacrifices For Kingdoms is her first novel. Despite being profoundly involved in the lives of her husband (they were married in their teens), their three children, and five grandchildren, the second book in the Trilogy, Sacrifices And Beyond, will soon be launched. The final book, Sacrifices And Triumphs, to follow.

Having been computer illiterate before starting on the daunting task of completing Sacrifices For Kingdoms (the first ten chapters were written in long-hand when she started it in 1974), the book monopolized much of her time for more than two years. But the research, primarily for her female protagonist Elizabeth’s controversial equality speech, ‘God has No Gender,’ has taken decades; though thought-provoking, it is not the predominant message. Other important messages will be revealed as the story progresses. This is a sensual, timely yet timeless, contemporary romance story of a sophisticated philanthropic beauty from exotic Trinidad, a modern public-minded, sensitive but ambitious European Prince, and secret others, which will provoke reader’s every emotion.

Patricia D'Arcy Laughlin, Romance Author

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