God Has No Gender

Excerpts from Elizabeth’s equality speech, “God Has No Gender.”

“Jesus had women as companions, disciples, was generous with his time and attention toward them, preaching of a society where all are equal.”

“There is not one word credited to be uttered by Jesus that his disciples, preachers, should be only males.”

“Why would the founding fathers of Christianity propagate denigration of the female of the human species, the gender that suffers the most to continue it – relegating her to be “subservient’ to her husband, when the man for whom they founded the Christian religion never preached or practiced such abominations?”

(Referring to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, and another to Timothy, which declare women should be kept silent, uneducated, and are lesser than men-) “It is incomprehensible and atrocious that some men today, knowing the equal intelligence of women, still believe, preach, and practice, this diatribeous oppressive patriarchal nonsense!”

“The earliest statues or figurines of deities unearthed in excavations are, female.”

“Traces of Goddess worship were found in France – dating back about 32,000 years according to radio carbon tests.” “Abraham, the first prophet of the Hebrew-Christian God ,” (and from whom also stemmed Islam) “lived no earlier than 1,800 BCE.”

There were more murmurings from the crowd but softer than before as Elizabeth picked up another sheet of paper, glanced at it, and continued, “Okay let’s take a look at this Goddess who had been around a lot longer than the present God has been.”

“- based on archaeological findings, she existed from the beginnings of human development, millenniums before the concept of the male God came in to play!”

“The male God, which, unlike the Goddess, there is NO discovered evidence of its original existence, was forced upon the people.”

“Alright, Let’s take a look at why the Goddess was deliberately, systematically, destroyed, which, incidentally, helps to prove that ‘GOD HAS NO GENDER.’”