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Dr. Larry R. Thompson, J.D., M.S., B.A., President, Ringling College

“I found this novel written by Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin incredibly enjoyable. It is a wonderful, engaging and well-written story that captures the reader’s attention and holds it throughout. What I particularly liked about this novel was how it combined a fairy-tale like story with a presentation of substantive and provocative issues involving themes of sexism and developed religions. In short, it is very much an adult fairy tale that makes you think. I loved how the author so creatively fashioned this juxtaposition of thought.
Much like a mystery novel, I was kept awake at night while reading it, waiting to find out what happens next. The mysterious and exotic backgrounds of the well-developed characters stimulated my imagination. At the end, I was left wanting more. Indeed, I cannot wait for the sequel. In a nutshell, this is an engaging, entertaining, fanciful and thought-provoking novel that captures your imagination. Well done.”

Myrna Welch, Philanthropist, B.A., University of Illinois, English Teacher, Chicago, Tampa

“This tale of passionate romance laced with intrigue completely captured my attention. The rich detail, like a painting, is a treat for the senses and is mesmerizing. As a reader, I became obsessed with the journey of these engaging, beautiful characters. In addition, provocative discussions of religion, environment and sexism give the story an extra dimension.
I was particularly enamored with the panorama of mores, music, fashion, and culture presented from the U.S.A., Europe, the Caribbean and beyond. This aspect of the book, especially as it relates to Trinidad, is a feast of discovery! Kudos to the author on the well researched and compelling love saga with the hopeful expectation of more to come!”

Karen L. Neilinger, M.A. & Int’l. M.B.A and Co-Author of the book, “Think Rich! Get Rich! Stay Rich!”

“An engaging epic love story that spans continents and cultures and socio-economic classes into one novel. Old-fashioned romance spins its web of danger and entanglement into contemporary lifestyles as lives collide between a sophisticated young woman, a European prince, and their mysterious other loves. Sexuality, controversy, and jet-setting, make this a great read to engage your fantasies.”


“As a man, I was excited to read what I’d heard about the “Great sex!” in Sacrifice For A Kingdom, but what really shocked me was the expose on origins of present day patriarchal religions, and after discovering in my own research, how they not only destroyed evidence of ancient Goddess, supposedly matriarchal, religions, I now have a different understanding of why humanity still struggles to achieve peace on earth. Unique how Laughlin combines great fun with seriously disturbing facts.”


“Wow! I Just finished Sacrifice For A Kingdom! I have two problems with it: I can’t wait for the sequel, and, worse, I can’t wait for the MOVIE to be made!”


“Sacrifice For a Kingdom surprised me, I have never read a novel that encompassed great sex and religion’s accountability. I was startled at first, but after absorbing the commonsensical facts, not to mention the fun with the sex, I was totally converted. Making it an easy read is Laughlin’s dazzling prose. I’m anxious for the sequel.”


“I am still reeling from the shocks in Sacrifice For A Kingdom! Mind you, I loved it all, but I guess I’m a little behind the times about what goes into a ‘Contemporary Romance’ novel. I must say, D’Arcy Laughlin showed a lot of courage to write this book. And talent. I want to meet her.”

D. M. (Z.) G.

“Sacrifice For A Kingdom is one of the most international ‘contemporary romance’ novels I have ever read. It actually has its own genre with all the disturbing facts Laughlin has weaved into it. It makes me want to travel again. Pity so many places the female protagonist mentions I can’t even get to with fanatical religious men still fighting their ignorant wars! Hopefully Laughlin’s lovable ‘expose’ will help to spread some peace.”


“Knowing two of my new friends had also bought copies of Sacrifice For A Kingdom and I just finished mine, I, who had enjoyed not only the sex but was thrilled with the overall education, enthusiastically asked what they thought of it. I was surprised to hear both say they felt “upset” by certain things they read. When I bafflingly asked for elaboration, the first admitted she had only “skipped through” up to the beginning of the female protagonist’s speech, ‘God Has No Gender,’ which is not even half way through, and the second woman admitted not starting the book at all and was influenced by what the first bimbo had told her! Furiously, I told them to, “Get a goddamn brain and really READ the book!” But the lesson for me is that, I have to be more selective in choosing my friends!”


“A friend gave me Sacrifice For A Kingdom as a ‘thank-you’ for a favor. I had not heard of it before and checked its website. I LOVED her Artwork! Then I LOVED the book! So much talent in one person! After the sequel is published the story is going to get Worldwide recognition. Then a movie-series. I only hope she’ll have time to write more books!”

J. S.

“I met Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin after I read Sacrifice For A kingdom. I expected she’d be MUCH older, so much knowledge, understanding, aptitude, and beauty, coming out in her book, and (though she is unassuming) from her! I’m full of admiration!”

S. A. E.

“I heard that Laughlin took three years to write Sacrifice For A Kingdom, but many more researching it. I’m not surprised. After reading Elizabeth’s speech, I attempted to do some research of my own, the cynic in me wanted corroboration. I could not travel like she did but I spent weeks in the library, Barnes and Noble, and the internet. It was difficult to find, but it was there, in bits and pieces, all over the place, and often hidden in ambiguity as though the information should not be revealed. I thank Laughlin for taking the trouble in digging it out and exposing it in such a subtle but beautifully written way.”


“Once the shocks started coming I couldn’t put the book down. It starts out with a captivating romance between Royalty and commoner, then astonishes with not only detailed sex, but little known facts about patriarchal religions! One hell of a read!”

M. A.

“No book has ever inspired me like Sacrifice For a Kingdom! I want to get more out of life! Fall in love again, feel more passionate, travel, learn about other cultures, meet different people, have adventures…..That book has me fired up in every way!”


“Unusual confrontation situation for a ‘contemporary romance’ novel, good sex versus bad religions! I loved it! Guess who won in my book?!”


“Talk about ‘letting it all hang out’ Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin shows real courage to use her real name for this book! It not only arouses the physical with detailed sex, but arouses the emotions with facts about the damages done by patriarchal religions!”


“A thought provoking beautiful story with beautiful characters. A beautiful book in every way. In fact the author-painted cover is so beautiful, I bought a new copy and keep it displayed as a ‘Coffee Table Book!”


“Sacrifice For A Kingdom is extremely interesting. The author has a profound understanding of thoughts and emotions, psychology, you feel you know the characters. Unlike some others, the religious stuff didn’t bother me, I have two degrees and I’m well-traveled and I knew most of it already. I am impatiently awaiting the sequel.”

D. B.

“I stopped reading books years ago, the excuses were, ”no time, children, family, work, tired, etc.” But I read recently how reading stimulates the brain and helps to stave off senility/Alzheimer’s, so I bought what I was told was a “Hot book, in every way.” Well, Sacrifice For A kingdom stimulated more than my brain, for which my husband is very grateful. But, the brain stimulation from the religious expose is what still haunts me.”


“How could people compare Sacrifice For A kingdom to Fifty Shades Of Grey?! Granted, Sacrifice is extremely, delightfully, erotic, but the sex is romantic, not humiliating, and the story is loaded with factual, intellectual messages! It’s I00% better than 50!”


“This book is large, so I bought it to read in summer when I would be on vacation. But intrigued by what other friends had mentioned mysteriously, I took a peek that Tuesday night, could not put it down, was late for work three consecutive days, nearly got fired! But managed to appease my boss by giving him a copy, he had the same problem!”


“Wow! I just finished Sacrifice For A Kingdom! I grew up with Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin and I have to say, her parents must be turning over in their graves! Though they must also be proud, what an accomplishment! I can’t remember when last I enjoyed a book this much!”


“I am shocked! I have known Patricia for decades, always knew she was an intelligent LADY, with much courage, but had no idea how much ‘guts’ she had, to write this stunningly awesome book! My admiration has increased tenfold!”


“I don’t agree with people who compare Sacrifice For A Kingdom with Fifty Shades Of Grey. Though ‘Sacrifice’ is deliciously salacious, the sex is tasteful, not degrading, and, this book is INTELLIGENTLY written, never boring, and, educational!”


“Although I already read the book on Kindle, I went to get the actual book at a book-signing for my personal library, I loved it so much. Hearing 3 ‘Readings’ from it, I remembered how riveting it was, and decided I’ll have to read it again!”


“Sacrifice For A Kingdom really shook me up! Not just because of the fabulous detailed sex, but the amazing research Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin went into to be able to expose the origins and damages caused by patriarchal religions. You Go girl!”


“People who liked 50 Shades Of Grey are going to LOVE Sacrifice For A Kingdom: the sex is more fun, the story more exciting, spiked with controversy, and, WELL-WRITTEN! Laughlin should outsell James! What a great movie this book will make!”


“Love how D’Arcy Laughlin creatively combined a salacious love story with religion’s accountability. Sex and Controversy – This is a winner!”


“Fascinating, titillating! I greatly admire D’Arcy Laughlin’s talent and perseverance for taking her ideas and creating a lasting treasure.”


“Wise decision that this ‘virgin’ novelist used her full name, Sacrifice For A Kingdom is brilliant and a work she should be proud of.”