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Natalie Laughlin Tanner

Steamy Romance and Thought-Provoking Topic

“I loved every minute reading this book – It was exciting ,intriguing and very inspirational. The love story was steamy- I could not put it down !! I recommend this eye opening love story. It’s not often a book can cover so much intrigue, sex and thought provoking ideas – I completely resonated with the speeches from Elizabeth and cannot wait for the next book in this sequel! .”

Amazon Customer

Loved It!

“Books need to “catch” me from the first pages, and this novel did exactly that! It’s a fast paced, intriguing, thrilling, sexy , fun book to read! I loved it and couldn’t wait to see what happed at the end. Also can’t wait to read to sequels!”


Can’t Put It Down

“I can’t wait for the sequel!!!!”


A Steamy Great Read

“Sacrifices For Kingdoms was a very detailed romance novel. The passion between Elizabeth and Michael is intense to say the least. I found this to be slow but a fast read at the same time. Patricia adds so much depth and detail in the characters creating a vivid scene. I needed to know what Elizabeths secret was and Patricia makes you want to keep turning the page. If you want an intriguing and very steamy book this one does not lack in steam.”


An Enveloping Story

“Hats off to Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin for crafting a tale that kept me flipping pages way past my bedtime. The plot was intricate, and woven with such finesse that I found myself lost in the book, whilst reading. The characters felt like old friends by the end, they were complex but relatable.

The writing style was descriptive and snappy, and it reminded me of some of my favorite classic novels but with a very passionate and modern twist.

Sacrifices For Kingdoms was a journey worth taking. It’s one of those books that lingers in your mind, popping up in your thoughts days after you’ve put it down, and I Would recommend it. But as always, dive in with an open mind and let the story take you where it will.”


Engaging Story

“I can safely say, that this is one of the most thrilling contemporary romances I have read so far. The tale has the essence of love, passion, and societal upheaval which kept me hooked. The best part of the book is its unbelievably believable characters.

Elizabeth is a strong character who speaks to lots of people. She talks about fairness and equality, and some people who don’t like that get angry with her. This makes her not very safe. Michael, who really cares about her, tries to make her stop, but she keeps going and shows how tough she is.

Then, some really bad people threaten to hurt Elizabeth and Michael, who will be king someday. The story gets even sadder when someone tries to kill them. This leads to some surprising secrets coming out and makes Elizabeth have to choose between the two places she loves. It’s a lot about how love can be really hard and what we’re willing to do for it.”

Soochi Sandhiya Kumari

A Well-Drafted Story

“It was a dreamy story whole bound with love, affair, prince-princess, dream, and passion. I picked it for its unique title as well as its beautiful cover page, and it came out to be an amazing pick, and I must admit, different from my usual pick.

With the impeccable storytelling by the author, you would definitely live the moments of falling in love, turning them into sweet romance followed by passion. The main characters, Elizabeth and Michael, are well drafted, and their plots are well chosen to keep them close to reality. Their incidents are capable of keeping the readers hooked and help flow with the storyline. The story is set against an entirely different background, which makes us more interested in reading and feeling the parts. Once you start the book, there is no turning back. You would enjoy each and every page, and their story would flow.”


Fun Read

“Sacrifices for Kingdoms is an extremely well-written book with a lot of depth. You discover a hidden treasure of emotions, history, and various experiences. The author has skillfully produced a modern romantic book that combines rich detail with great depth. It deftly weaves romance, history, and philosophy into a vibrant tapestry. Characters are well-developed and emerge from the page as lively, passionate individuals with their own secrets. The story is so immersive, it will help you forget about the world for a while. This novel is a magnificent amalgamation of love, conflict, history, and philosophy that serves as a feast for the mind. “Sacrifice For A Kingdom” is a thought-provoking, informative, and slightly sarcastic book that will stick with you long after the final pages. Highly recommend.”


Highly Recommended Contemporary Romance

“I really enjoyed the book!! I was hooked from the very first page! The book was well written. I didn’t see any typos or anything. It was a very enjoyable. The book was a perfect read for me because I love contemporary romances so much!”


You’ll Be Glued to the Page from the Start

“One word to sum this up: WOW. I am absolutely blown away. This isn’t a light read, it’s got a lot of nuance and depth to both the characters and story. Think romance meets suspense meets literary/women’s fiction. Laughlin does an amazing job of drawing the reader in with vivid descriptions and a captivating plot. This is far from boy meets girl meets compilation, with a much deeper theme running beneath the surface. I loved Elizabeth’s determination and fire to continue speaking out about what’s right even in the face of serious danger. I could totally understand Michael’s concern, but his own life is far from simple and complicated. The story moves along smoothly, and there’s enough tension and twists to keep you glued to the page. If this is an indication of what’s to come in this series, then I can’t wait to read more!”



“Okay, so diving into “Sacrifice For A Kingdom” was like opening a Pandora’s box of emotions, history, and a whirlwind of experiences. The author did a great job of writing a contemporary romance novel that’s as rich in detail as it is in depth. I mean, who knew you could blend romance, history, and philosophy into something that feelt so… alive?

The characters weren’t just names on a page. They’re living, breathing entities with their passions, and secrets, just like us. And the settings? Oh lordy, i felt like i was taking a trip around the world without leaving my comfy reading nook.

Now, I’ve got to admit, there were moments where I was like, “Whoa, that’s a bit steamy for my tea,” but hey, life’s spicy, right? This book is a melting pot! there’s love, there’s tension, there’s a sprinkle of history, and a dash of philosophy. It’s like a gourmet meal for the mind.

“Sacrifice For A Kingdom” was one of those reads that lingered. It’s provocative, it’s enlightening, and it’s a tad bit sassy. Would I recommend it? In the words of my grandma, “Does a bear poop in the woods?” Heck yes, I would.”

Sacrifices for Kingdoms Crown Icon

Dr. Larry R. Thompson

J.D., M.S., B.A.
President, Ringling College

“I found this novel written by Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin incredibly enjoyable. It is a wonderful, engaging and well-written story that captures the reader’s attention and holds it throughout. What I particularly liked about this novel was how it combined a fairy-tale like story with a presentation of substantive and provocative issues involving themes of sexism and developed religions. In short, it is very much an adult fairy tale that makes you think. I loved how the author so creatively fashioned this juxtaposition of thought. Much like a mystery novel, I was kept awake at night while reading it, waiting to find out what happens next. The mysterious and exotic backgrounds of the well-developed characters stimulated my imagination. At the end, I was left wanting more. Indeed, I cannot wait for the sequel. In a nutshell, this is an engaging, entertaining, fanciful and thought-provoking novel that captures your imagination. Well done.”

Myrna Welch, Philanthropist

B.A., University of Illinois
English Teacher, Chicago, Tampa

“This tale of passionate romance laced with intrigue completely captured my attention. The rich detail, like a painting, is a treat for the senses and is mesmerizing. As a reader, I became obsessed with the journey of these engaging, beautiful characters. In addition, provocative discussions of religion, environment and sexism give the story an extra dimension. I was particularly enamored with the panorama of mores, music, fashion, and culture presented from the U.S.A., Europe, the Caribbean and beyond. This aspect of the book, especially as it relates to Trinidad, is a feast of discovery! Kudos to the author on the well researched and compelling love saga with the hopeful expectation of more to come!”

Karen L. Neilinger

M.A. and International M.B.A
Co-Author of the book, “Think Rich! Get Rich! Stay Rich!”

“An engaging epic love story that spans continents and cultures and socio-economic classes into one novel. Old-fashioned romance spins its web of danger and entanglement into contemporary lifestyles as lives collide between a sophisticated young woman, a European prince, and their mysterious other loves. Sexuality, controversy, and jet-setting, make this a great read to engage your fantasies.”

Joanne V.

“Couldn’t put it down, can’t wait for the sequel.”

Diana M. Wells

“Sacrifices For Kingdoms was fast paced, interesting, and I had a difficult time putting down the book. I am so looking forward to the sequel…Kudos to Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin on a well written book!”

Jane Smith

“This book has it all. Intrigue, romance and a multi-national cast of characters. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Prince Andrew

“Religiously controversial – full of international intrigue- to say nothing of the STEAMY relationship! Kept me wanting to read more. Can’t wait for the sequel!”

Carol Witterschein

“This book has great “bones”. Very interesting story, filled with mysterious characters, sex and intrigue. It kept me wondering what might happen next. Looking forward to the sequel!”

Alexandra Jupin

“This is a wonderful read and a great tale. Well written, engaging and compelling, it has all the makings of an epic. The pages almost turn themselves and I couldn’t put it down once I began!”

Sherril M.

“One of the best books I have read. I stayed up until 4am and finished it later that day. I love a book that I can’t put down! Her writing is superb! I can’t wait for the next book!”

Debra Ahmari

“You know a book is good when you are sad when it ends. The author captures your attention with exquisite details, interesting storylines and intense characters you just want to get to know better. She touches on important present day issues, while weaving an exciting and romantic tale. I CANNOT wait for her next book!”


“I really didn’t know what to expect when I started the book, but once I began reading I could not put it down. It moves very quickly and covers a lot of ground. There is romance, sex, intrigue, fashion, history, religion, philosophy–amazing how the author is able to combine them into such a wonderful stew! Looking forward to the sequel.”


“In this beautifully written book, the author shares experiences that connects love, loyalty and a cornucopia of knowledge from different religions, traditions and realms of society. The vibrant descriptions of the various settings, situations and characters captured my imagination and engaged me in a magical odyssey only to discover hidden intrigue in this very sensual and provocative love story, with a powerful message. I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to the sequel.”

Christine Caruzzo

“Lots of historical info and revealing facts, as well as a tantalizing plot. An extravaganza of characters and locations. Most entertaining.”


“Patricia Laughlin takes you to new places, sights and tastes as well as to familiar ones like the heart and brain with her passionate story telling. Fair warning: If you take this book to the beach, you’ll need to take a fan for more than the sun to keep the heat away! My sister and I have cast our votes, Sacrifices For Kingdoms would make a super mini series!”

Julie Johnson

“This book has it all! Interesting characters, beautiful settings, great story line and even spirituality! Looking forward to the sequel.”

T. Madden

“Such a beautiful and interesting story! Characters were well developed. I couldn’t put it down and I was sad when I finished it!! I can’t wait for the sequel!! Highly recommend!”

Shirley L.

“Has it all…humor…sex… and humor…and more sex…psychology…religion…adventure…captivating! I could not put it down. Can’t wait for the next book by this author.”

Paige Clayton

“I’m thrilled that my friend recommended this read! A fantastic read over vacation. The characters were deep and the historical content puts you right in the mix of it. The sex is hot. Hope there is a second book.”

Natalie Laughlin Tanner

“I loved every minute reading this book – It was exciting ,intriguing and very inspirational. The love story was steamy- I could not put it down !! I reccomend this eye opening love story.”


“Cannot wait for the sequel! I appreciated the research that went into important issues which were well woven into the story.”


“As a man, I was excited to read what I’d heard about the “Great sex!” in Sacrifices For Kingdoms, but what really shocked me was the expose on origins of present day patriarchal religions, and after discovering in my own research, how they not only destroyed evidence of ancient Goddess, supposedly matriarchal, religions, I now have a different understanding of why humanity still struggles to achieve peace on earth. Unique how Laughlin combines great fun with seriously disturbing facts.”


“Wow! I Just finished Sacrifices For Kingdoms! I have two problems with it: I can’t wait for the sequel, and, worse, I can’t wait for the MOVIE to be made!”


“Sacrifices For Kingdoms surprised me, I have never read a novel that encompassed great sex and religion’s accountability. I was startled at first, but after absorbing the commonsensical facts, not to mention the fun with the sex, I was totally converted. Making it an easy read is Laughlin’s dazzling prose. I’m anxious for the sequel.”


“I am still reeling from the shocks in Sacrifices For Kingdoms! Mind you, I loved it all, but I guess I’m a little behind the times about what goes into a ‘Contemporary Romance’ novel. I must say, D’Arcy Laughlin showed a lot of courage to write this book. And talent. I want to meet her.”

D. M. (Z.) G.

“Sacrifices For Kingdoms is one of the most international ‘contemporary romance’ novels I have ever read. It actually has its own genre with all the disturbing facts Laughlin has weaved into it. It makes me want to travel again. Pity so many places the female protagonist mentions I can’t even get to with fanatical religious men still fighting their ignorant wars! Hopefully Laughlin’s lovable ‘expose’ will help to spread some peace.”


“Knowing two of my new friends had also bought copies of Sacrifices For Kingdoms and I just finished mine, I, who had enjoyed not only the sex but was thrilled with the overall education, enthusiastically asked what they thought of it. I was surprised to hear both say they felt “upset” by certain things they read. When I bafflingly asked for elaboration, the first admitted she had only “skipped through” up to the beginning of the female protagonist’s speech, ‘God Has No Gender,’ which is not even half way through, and the second woman admitted not starting the book at all and was influenced by what the first bimbo had told her! Furiously, I told them to, “Get a goddamn brain and really READ the book!” But the lesson for me is that, I have to be more selective in choosing my friends!”


“A friend gave me Sacrifices For Kingdoms as a ‘thank-you’ for a favor. I had not heard of it before and checked its website. I LOVED her Artwork! Then I LOVED the book! So much talent in one person! After the sequel is published the story is going to get Worldwide recognition. Then a movie-series. I only hope she’ll have time to write more books!”

J. S.

“I met Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin after I read Sacrifices For Kingdoms. I expected she’d be MUCH older, so much knowledge, understanding, aptitude, and beauty, coming out in her book, and (though she is unassuming) from her! I’m full of admiration!”

S. A. E.

“I heard that Laughlin took three years to write Sacrifices For Kingdoms, but many more researching it. I’m not surprised. After reading Elizabeth’s speech, I attempted to do some research of my own, the cynic in me wanted corroboration. I could not travel like she did but I spent weeks in the library, Barnes and Noble, and the internet. It was difficult to find, but it was there, in bits and pieces, all over the place, and often hidden in ambiguity as though the information should not be revealed. I thank Laughlin for taking the trouble in digging it out and exposing it in such a subtle but beautifully written way.”