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“Once the shocks started coming I couldn’t put the book down. It starts out with a captivating romance between Royalty and commoner, then astonishes with not only detailed sex, but little known facts about patriarchal religions! One hell of a read!”

M. A.

“No book has ever inspired me like Sacrifices For Kingdoms! I want to get more out of life! Fall in love again, feel more passionate, travel, learn about other cultures, meet different people, have adventures…..That book has me fired up in every way!”


“Unusual confrontation situation for a ‘contemporary romance’ novel, good sex versus bad religions! I loved it! Guess who won in my book?!”


“Talk about ‘letting it all hang out’ Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin shows real courage to use her real name for this book! It not only arouses the physical with detailed sex, but arouses the emotions with facts about the damages done by patriarchal religions!”


“A thought provoking beautiful story with beautiful characters. A beautiful book in every way. In fact the cover is so beautiful, I bought a new copy and keep it displayed as a ‘Coffee Table Book!”


“Sacrifices For Kingdoms is extremely interesting. The author has a profound understanding of thoughts and emotions, psychology, you feel you know the characters. Unlike some others, the religious stuff didn’t bother me, I have two degrees and I’m well-traveled and I knew most of it already. I am impatiently awaiting the sequel.”

D. B.

“I stopped reading books years ago, the excuses were, ”no time, children, family, work, tired, etc.” But I read recently how reading stimulates the brain and helps to stave off senility/Alzheimer’s, so I bought what I was told was a “Hot book, in every way.” Well, Sacrifices For Kingdoms stimulated more than my brain, for which my husband is very grateful. But, the brain stimulation from the religious expose is what still haunts me.”


“How could people compare Sacrifices For Kingdoms to Fifty Shades Of Grey?! Granted, Sacrifices is extremely, delightfully, erotic, but the sex is romantic, not humiliating, and the story is loaded with factual, intellectual messages! It’s I00% better than 50!”


“This book is large, so I bought it to read in summer when I would be on vacation. But intrigued by what other friends had mentioned mysteriously, I took a peek that Tuesday night, could not put it down, was late for work three consecutive days, nearly got fired! But managed to appease my boss by giving him a copy, he had the same problem!”


“Wow! I just finished Sacrifices For Kingdoms! I grew up with Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin and I have to say, her parents must be turning over in their graves! Though they must also be proud, what an accomplishment! I can’t remember when last I enjoyed a book this much!”


“I am shocked! I have known Patricia for decades, always knew she was an intelligent LADY, with much courage, but had no idea how much ‘guts’ she had, to write this stunningly awesome book! My admiration has increased tenfold!”


“I don’t agree with people who compare Sacrifices For Kingdoms with Fifty Shades Of Grey. Though ‘Sacrifices’ is deliciously salacious, the sex is tasteful, not degrading, and, this book is INTELLIGENTLY written, never boring, and, educational!”


“Although I already read the book on Kindle, I went to get the actual book at a book-signing for my personal library, I loved it so much. Hearing 3 ‘Readings’ from it, I remembered how riveting it was, and decided I’ll have to read it again!”


“Sacrifices For Kingdoms really shook me up! Not just because of the fabulous detailed sex, but the amazing research Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin went into to be able to expose the origins and damages caused by patriarchal religions. You Go girl!”


“People who liked 50 Shades Of Grey are going to LOVE Sacrifices For Kingdoms: the sex is more fun, the story more exciting, spiked with controversy, and, WELL-WRITTEN! Laughlin should outsell James! What a great movie this book will make!”


“Love how D’Arcy Laughlin creatively combined a salacious love story with religion’s accountability. Sex and Controversy – This is a winner!”


“Fascinating, titillating! I greatly admire D’Arcy Laughlin’s talent and perseverance for taking her ideas and creating a lasting treasure.”


“Wise decision that this ‘virgin’ novelist used her full name, Sacrifices For Kingdoms is brilliant and a work she should be proud of.”


“Though published after Fifty Shades, it turns out Sacrifices For Kingdoms was written before and the author was still working on its sequel (Sacrifices Beyond Kingdoms), and I must say, the sex/lovemaking is more beguiling, the prose more beautiful and enjoyable, and, D’Arcy Laughlin’s characters do more things of more importance. More readers are going to love this one.”


“Sacrifices For Kingdoms is a story for all time. Written in the present, the author interweavingly takes you back to the past, jumps you into the future, but always makes you feel you are there. The supposedly fictional characters are enthralling and ‘real.’ This is a serious book. It’s going to be BIG!”


I had to convince two (narrow-minded) members of my twenty-person Book Club to read Sacrifices For Kingdoms because, although they were anxious to read the sex, they were reluctant about “the religious controversy.” When they finished it, they became fanatical converts, and (like the rest of us), are now encouraging everyone they meet to read it!


“Descriptions are riveting. I was there! I felt touched by the characters, I traveled with them, felt joy with them, hurt with them, made love with them! A spellbinding story!”


D’Arcy Laughlin makes you live with the characters, you feel their joy, their pain, their frustrations, their sense of adventure, their love, you KNOW them. The story mesmerizes.


Another intriguing question about Sacrifices For Kingdoms is, “Who makes the bigger sacrifice?” This story is captivating. I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel.


“Prepare to be shocked! Sacrifices For Kingdoms juxtaposes exceptional sex with an exposé on religion. A unique book. A great read. Timeless.”


“I love how she woos you with the romance of falling in love and then wallops you with intense passion, mystery, controversy, danger, and adventure!”


“This is a first. In her novel Sacrifices For Kingdoms, Laughlin is challenging readers to think about controversial issues while further exciting them with detailed sex. Interestingly, she pulls it off successfully with panache.”

J. M.

“You may start out thinking Sacrifices For Kingdoms is a woman’s love story but you couldn’t be more wrong. Both genders MUST read this book!”


“My buddy and I told our wives that we want them to grow their hair long, so they can do to us what Elizabeth did to Prince Michael with her hair! Apart from the beguiling sex, this book is seriously thought-provoking.”


“Travelling through their journey with Elizabeth and Prince Michael (and their other loves), inspires me to travel and experience other cultures. The education about Trinidad and the Caribbean was an eye-opener, and I’ve got to find that hair-raising road ‘somewhere in Europe,’ drive the one on the Amalfi Coast, and go back to New York in the spring!”