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“Though published after Fifty Shades, it turns out Sacrifice For A Kingdom was written before and the author was still working on its sequel (Kingdoms And Sacrifices), and I must say, the sex/lovemaking is more beguiling, the prose more beautiful and enjoyable, and, D’Arcy Laughlin’s characters do more things of more importance. More readers are going to love this one.”


“Sacrifice For A Kingdom is a story for all time. Written in the present, the author interweavingly takes you back to the past, jumps you into the future, but always makes you feel you are there. The supposedly fictional characters are enthralling and ‘real.’ This is a serious book. It’s going to be BIG!”


I had to convince two (narrow-minded) members of my twenty-person Book Club to read Sacrifice For A Kingdom because, although they were anxious to read the sex, they were reluctant about “the religious controversy.” When they finished it, they became fanatical converts, and (like the rest of us), are now encouraging everyone they meet to read it!


“Descriptions are riveting. I was there! I felt touched by the characters, I traveled with them, felt joy with them, hurt with them, made love with them! A spellbinding story!”


D’Arcy Laughlin makes you live with the characters, you feel their joy, their pain, their frustrations, their sense of adventure, their love, you KNOW them. The story mesmerizes.


Another intriguing question about Sacrifice For A Kingdom is, “Who makes the bigger sacrifice?” This story is captivating. I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel.


“Prepare to be shocked! Sacrifice For A Kingdom juxtaposes exceptional sex with an exposé on religion. A unique book. A great read. Timeless.”


“I love how she woos you with the romance of falling in love and then wallops you with intense passion, mystery, controversy, danger, and adventure!”


“This is a first. In her novel Sacrifice For A Kingdom, Laughlin is challenging readers to think about controversial issues while further exciting them with detailed sex. Interestingly, she pulls it off successfully with panache.”

J. M.

“You may start out thinking Sacrifice For A Kingdom is a woman’s love story but you couldn’t be more wrong. Both genders MUST read this book!”


“My buddy and I told our wives that we want them to grow their hair long, so they can do to us what Elizabeth did to Prince Michael with her hair! Apart from the beguiling sex, this book is seriously thought-provoking.”


“Travelling through their journey with Elizabeth and Prince Michael (and their other loves), inspires me to travel and experience other cultures. The education about Trinidad and the Caribbean was an eye-opener, and I’ve got to find that hair-raising road ‘somewhere in Europe,’ drive the one on the Amalfi Coast, and go back to New York in the spring!”


“I’m a seventy-five year old man, and after reading Sacrifice For A Kingdom, I can’t believe how much I’ve missed out!”


“Sacrifice For A Kingdom has so inspired me to do more with my life, I’ve decided to go back to school.”


“It’s fascinating how D’Arcy Laughlin manages to believably intertwine the present with the past in a serious love story between royalty and commoner. If you think Prince Michael’s secret is shocking, you’d better be sitting for when Elizabeth starts dropping her bombs!”


“Being a hard-working fiftyish man, I read only books pertaining to work, but a friend insisted I read Sacrifice For A Kingdom to “relax” me. How wrong she was! That book had me so stimulated I could barely put it down to get much needed sleep! Yet when I finished it, I wanted MORE! Read it and you’ll see what I mean.”


“I never read novels. I read Sacrifice For A Kingdom to appease my wife, my son’s wife, and, my son, who assured me it wasn’t the usual wishy-washy love story and that I would enjoy it. That was an understatement. I actually LOVED it!”


“You’ve got to admire Laughlin for addressing such controversial issues in her first novel, which is actually a very believable love story involving commoners and royalty. Kudos to her for having the courage.”


“I’m not going to feel guilty about being so cliché in what I think of this book, and I’m going to say it in just two words, “Amazing! Unputdownable!”


“This novel surprised me. Firstly because I couldn’t believe it was her first (what was she doing all this time!?), and secondly, it was extremely well-written for someone with no literary background. I won’t divulge anything about it, I’ll let readers enjoy the unfolding story and its many amazements, and simply say, “I’m holding my breath for her next one.”


“Sacrifice For A Kingdom will make one hell of a movie! Or a mini-series. It’s an epic! It has everything: romance, great sex, adventure, danger, controversy, psychology, religion and spirituality, and interesting secrets which are gradually exposed. It’s going to be HUGE!”


“Thankfully not Fifty Shades, the sex is even more interesting, stimulating, and sometimes hilarious. Beautifully written, Laughlin takes romantic story-telling to new heights with attacking some serious social issues in Sacrifice For A Kingdom, particularly Female Equality, as well as man’s damage to the planet. This is going to create a big stir!”


“Not your typical romance novel, D’Arcy Laughlin shocks with not only titillating detailed love-making, but with her female protagonist’s speeches titled ‘God Has No Gender’, in which she holds patriarchal religions accountable for damaging all humanity, by their discrimination against females.”