“Thanks to all you wonderful people for your support, buying my paperback, and those of you for waiting patiently for Kindle (another week). The Book-signing in Aspen, CO exceeded all expectations!

Nancy Snell (nancysnellevents.com) and her husband Rodney’s “cocktail party” at their gorgeous home turned out to be a full dinner for 110 people, a Carnival Fair theme, with live band, a contortionist, mingling costumed games-man, and a live almost naked lady that guests could paint and decorate! It was fabulous and a great success.

Peter and I were the guests of Billie and Greg Pierce Erwin at their incredibly beautiful home and received the Royal treatment from everyone. We were invited to five more amazing events and people were recognizing me as “the author of that new unique love story,” many of them having started reading already!

We are finalizing dates for future events. I’ll post when I have them. Meanwhile, enjoy reading Sacrifice For A Kingdom so that I can autograph it at book-signings. Don’t forget to write your reviews (hopefully favorable!) and recommendations.