A provocative romance that transcends continents and cultures.

In “Sacrifices For Kingdoms,” Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin crafts a provocative romance that transcends continents and cultures. Elizabeth, a passionate activist from Trinidad, is on a mission to change the world. Her journey takes a dramatic turn when she meets Michael, a European prince whose noble heart matches his royal lineage.

Elizabeth’s commanding presence and advocacy for equality make her a beacon of change, but also a target for religious extremists. Michael, torn between royal duties and his love for Elizabeth, must navigate a treacherous path of political intrigue and secret adversaries. Their love story is a gripping tale of passion, danger, and the sacrifices made for love and duty.

Laughlin’s novel is romantic, spicy, and thought-provoking, capturing the heart and imagination. Fans of Diana Gabaldon, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and Nora Roberts will find “Sacrifices For Kingdoms” an engaging start to The Sacrifices and Kingdoms Series.