Engaging Story

“I can safely say, that this is one of the most thrilling contemporary romances I have read so far. The tale has the essence of love, passion, and societal upheaval which kept me hooked. The best part of the book is its unbelievably believable characters.

Elizabeth is a strong character who speaks to lots of people. She talks about fairness and equality, and some people who don’t like that get angry with her. This makes her not very safe. Michael, who really cares about her, tries to make her stop, but she keeps going and shows how tough she is.

Then, some really bad people threaten to hurt Elizabeth and Michael, who will be king someday. The story gets even sadder when someone tries to kill them. This leads to some surprising secrets coming out and makes Elizabeth have to choose between the two places she loves. It’s a lot about how love can be really hard and what we’re willing to do for it.”