What a love story!

This is a great romantic story between two people from two totally different worlds! The story focuses on a couple named Elizabeth and Michael from two different worlds and lifestyles and how they fall in love while trying to navigate and the different things and complexities that have an influence on their relationship! A lot of different things happen in the story that put Elizabeth and Michael’s relationship to the test from outside influences all the way to different traditions both Elizabeth and Michael’s family practice, but I like how Elizabeth and Michael are able to put all of that aside to be together. Also a warning for the readers as well; there are some sexual parts in this story that are meant for adults, but it adds depth to the relationship for how much Elizabeth and Michael are really into each other! To add more intrigue to the story, the author adds a cliffhanger at the end of the story affecting Michael that leads into the next book in the series too. If people enjoyed reading the first book in this series, I think they will also enjoy reading the next book in the Sacrifices for the Kingdoms series as well!