Excellent blend of multiple genres

Sacrifices For Kingdoms: A Provocative Romance Torn Between Continents and Cultures (The Sacrifices and Kingdoms Series Book 1) by Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin is a well written romantic mystery that follows Elizabeth and Michael as they bond with and fall for each other while also navigating the world of politics that they were born into. The story offers a compelling look at the choices that people born into power need to make. Should they follow the expectations that have been spelled out for them, make the choices they are required to make, or follow their hearts and their own minds and make their own decisions for their people and for themselves? We can see this same idea reflected in the British royal family today as some choose to follow their hearts rather than do what was expected of them. The characters are fleshed out well making them very engaging and interesting, and the narrative does a great job of creating tension early between the characters and the situations they are in. Fans of romance will enjoy this, but also those who read mysteries and suspense. The author’s writing style blends these different genres into something that is special and worth a read.